About Our Books

  • Sonny Says S and Ruby Says R are the first books in The Sound Tales Series, a set of books geared towards helping children learn how to articulate and read the most difficult consonant sounds. These books are perfect for any teacher, speech pathologist or PreK-2nd grade child and will serve to engage children and support evidence based literacy and speech acquisition strategies.

    Made for Early Elementary

    Our books are…

    • Specifically crafted for kids in PreK-2nd grade.
    • Designed to be partner-read with a teacher or parent and contain a decodable component.
    • Meant to be interactive and individualized to students’ needs!

    Interactive learning

    The Sound Tales books are more than your average read aloud! The reader helps the characters solve a puzzle by using their reading, writing and phonological awareness skills. A follow-along writing activity is built into each book along with search and find components for phonemic awareness.

    Versatile For Educators and Parents!

    Our books help teachers and parents use speech therapy strategies and early literacy practices by simply reading the fun and interactive story! The books use evidence-based practices speech pathologists use when treating sound articulation errors.

    Check out what Sonny and the gang are up to while they learn to read, write and differentiate the S and R sounds. They can both be tricky sounds, but Sonny and his friends are there to provide tips along the way!

Books Currently Available in the Sound Tales Series