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About Yellow Finch Learning

  • Yellow Finch Learning Company is a family owned business that produces and sells books to help supplement reading and phonics curriculum for teachers, serve as a therapy resources for speech pathologists, and provide a fun books for kids and parents to help with early speech and literacy skills!

    Now, a little more about us and how we got started.

    Yellow Finch Learning Company started with a conversation between two cousins (that's us - Kailey and Kat!) at a Michigan State University tailgate in Fall 2021. The inspiration for a company focused on literacy and learning started long before that! We come from a very large family filled with educators and writers. We grew up engrossed in reading and writing from the time we were young children. Our love for stories started with books like Franklin the Turtle, the Berenstain Bears and the Magic School Bus. We devoured our summer reading lists and wore out our library cards. We grew up surround by adults who made careers from a love of reading and writing. Our family is filled with teachers, journalists, speech pathologists and more. From the beginning they inspired us to love learning, literacy and language. This is how Kat ended up with a BA in Early Childhood Education and an MA in Teaching and Curriculum both from Michigan State University and Kailey ended up with a BA in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Michigan State and an MA in Speech Language Pathology from Central Michigan University.

    Kat and her sister moved to beautiful Bozeman, Montana after college while Kailey moved to various Lake Michigan beach towns, eventually settling in Grand Haven. Following a long two years of isolation in 2020 and 2021, our extended family finally reunited in Fall 2021 at a Michigan State football tailgate. We were discussing the overlaps between the roles of speech therapists and early elementary teachers in early literacy development. We thought, if we put our knowledge, skills and backgrounds together we could develop some great learning tools.

    This is how The Sound Tales series came to fruition. Together, we created a story that could help kids learn how to say and differentiate speech sounds. Specifically, the Late Eight sounds, which are the eight speech sounds that kids master last developmentally. We combined learning strategies used in the speech room and in the classroom to develop a book that is fun for kids, but also helps to enrich curriculum for educators.

    Once we had written the book, we decided that we didn't want to stop there! We want to create many different types of learning materials to help students, teachers, speech therapists and parents. This is why we created Yellow Finch Learning Company. We are excited to bring effective, fun, and easy to use learning materials to your classroom and home!

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