Research Based Learning

Here at Yellow Finch Learning Company, it is our mission to provide learning materials that use research based practices.

The following research based practices are applied in the Sound Tales Series:

  • Auditory bombardment
  • Minimal Pairs and Phoneme Substitution
  • Visual Feedback

The Sound Tales Series

Sonny Says S and Ruby Says R are the first books in The Sound Tales Series, a set of books geared towards helping children learn how to articulate and read the most difficult consonant sounds. These books are perfect for any teacher, speech pathologist or PreK-2nd grade child and will serve to engage children and support evidence based literacy and speech acquisition strategies.

Collaborative Educational Materials

Created by a teacher and speech pathologist, The Sound Tales Series is an educational resource that provides a bridge between literacy and speech skills. These books are useful in the general education classroom, speech classroom and anywhere in between!

Targeting the TOUGH speech sounds!

The Sound Tales Series will be targeting the “Late 8” sounds, which are the latest developing sounds in English. These sounds are S, Z, R, L, TH (voiced and unvoiced), SH, and CH. Each book has its own character learning one of the Late 8 sounds.

Beneficial for ALL Students

The Sound Tales Series is meant for:

  • All PreK-2 students.
  • Children in speech therapy.
  • Children learning foundational literacy skills
  • Any child who loves to learn!

The Sound Tales Series is not JUST for kids in speech therapy! It’s for any student learning the foundations of literacy development. These books use explicit sound instruction as well as phonological substitution strategies to help integrate foundational literacy skills!